Is Sri Lanka safe ?

Yes, but as in any country theres some areas best avoided. If you need more reassurance visit the UK Foreign & Commonweath Office - Sri Lanka Country advice

Do many people speak english ?

Yes, almost everyone working in hotels, restaurants and the tourist industry speaks excellent English. As an ex-British colony it is a common second language. But I will be there to translate where necessary.


Do I need injections or malaria tablets ?

Probably, but I don't want to give medical advice when I'm not qualified, so consult your doctor before you come.


When is a good time to come ?

Being close to the equator Sri Lanka's weather is warm year round. We can seek out the hottest areas, or the cooling sea or mountain breezes depending on how you feel.


Whats the time zone ?

The time difference is GMT +6 hrs


What about money, travellers cheques, ATMs etc ?

The Sri Lankan Rupee (100 Cents) is only available within Sri Lanka. There are several banks at the airport when you arrive. You must keep your exchange receipt to change money back when you leave.
ATMs are now available in most major towns for cash withdrawals. Credit cards are widely accepted.


What is the exchange rate ? of Sri Lankan Rupee

What airlines go to Sri Lanka ?

The country's national airline - SriLankan.
Other airlines that fly to Colombo are Emirates, Quantas, Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways, Indian Airlines and Gulf Air.


Do I need a visa ?

The citizens of most countries can get a free tourist visa on arrival. You must pay a departure tax - currently Rs1200.