These tour programs will help you plan your own visit to Sri Lanka. Most people when coming to a new country simply don't know what to see and fully rely on their travel company to design an itinerary for them. I suggest you decide yourself what places to see and how long to stay there. Have a look at the tour programs listed below, read their description and try to formulate what you would really like to see.

Please note that these pre planned tour packages give you just an idea as option. If you need a different type of tour itinerary totally customized and personalized to your requirement, that fine, i will glad to help you make your own package.
If you are still hesitant as to what you prefer contact me for help and advice!

Here are some sample tours:
Tour 1     |    Tour 2     |     Tour 3     |     Tour 4     |     Tour 5     |     Tour 6
  • Every tour I do is different. Some people like to stay in top, luxury hotels,
    and others prefer the homely (and cheap) guest houses.
  • I therefore produce entirely individual tour plans.
  • All you pay on top of that is the cost of your food,
    accomodation etc. You can, of course, have any itinary you like.